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Richie Weiss

Brian Parsons delivered this eulogy at Richie's funeral, and graciously sent it along so that it could be included here.

How do you eulogize your hero, other than to say Richie is the greatest man I've ever known?

It is more than obvious that we are all experiencing a devastating loss--but you know who I feel for as much as anyone in this room? The people that will never be touched by Rich the way we all have been. He elevated us as human beings. And for we are all fortunate for that.

A man for others and often of few words, Richie always loved seeing other people do well, and we always loved seeing Rich and Rosi do well. In 1985, he took me beyond expectations, and because of them both, I am a better person today.

Joe Jacobi put it best, "Every moment with Rich was special and memorable." Richie had an unconditional acceptance in the form of respect for everyone he met. He always tapped into the goodness and always made you feel special.

The other day, some of us discussed having an Olympic flag cover Rich.

We didn't really like the idea because Rich was an Olympian, but he truely was a gentleman, a scholar and a father.

There was never a wasted day in Rich's life. No such thing as a day off. Today, we must bury Rich, but never forget him.

So work a little harder, spend more quality time with your families, do an extra loop in the fall, and DON'T waste another minute, they are all precious.

In a way, this is a call to arms; for hugging and support. From this moment onward, Rosi and Baby will need all the arms we can give them.

How can you eulogize your hero? Richie is the greatest man I've ever known.

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