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How to seed a race

How to seed a race:

1. Find the current seeding list. For example, as of spring 2003, you'll want this one. It isn't critical that you use the most up-to-date one -- since the only purpose of seedings is to diminish the possibility of overtakes -- but it's probably helpful.

2. The seeding list has (by class) a list of all ranked boats, sorted by last name. All tandem boats are listed alphabetically -- e.g. you'll find "Hepp, David/McCleskey, Scott" and not the other way around because H comes before M.

3. For each athlete in each class, look up their rank ratio -- which is the number to the right of their name. Order the boats in each class in ascending rank ratio -- i.e. the boat with the lowest rank ratio goes first.

3. If you happen to running Nationals or Team Trials, please note Article 38 - Special Rules for Team Trials and National Championships which reads in part:

The current national champions for each class are listed on the seedings page.

4. If you need to run combined classes, e.g. C-2 and C-2 mixed together, then follow the same procedure: rank ratios are independent of rank class.

5. Be aware that rapidly-developing paddlers and "pick-up" C-2 teams can often be difficult to seed appropriately. It can often be useful to estimate a boat's rank ratio based on the athletes' numbers in other classes.

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