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I am missing:

Race #1: Qualifier results
Race #2: Qualifier results
Race #3: Qualifier results
Race #4: Qualifier results
Race #5: Qualifier results

So, if anyone has those results, please send them to me.

The best three races count including the World Cup Final. In other words, a competitors score is calculated by taking their score from the World Cup Final and the best other two races. Ties are broken by the competitor with the best result in most recent World Cup event.

1995 World Cup Overall Series Results

Men's Single Canoe

1Gareth MarriottGreat Britain62
2Emmanuel BrugvinFrance52
3Danko HerzegCroatia47
4Lukas PollertCzech Republic46
5Martin LangGermany40
6Carlo FalociFrance34
7Patrice EstanguetFrance32
8Soeren KaufmannGermany30
9Michal MartikanSlovakia26
10Simon HocevarSlovenia25

Men's Double Canoe

1Miroslav Simek and Jiri RohanCzech Republic75
2Fritz and Lecky HallerUnited States53
3Petr and Pavel SterclCzech Republic46
4Franck Adisson and Wilfrid ForguesFrance45
5Andreas Ehrenberg and Michael SenftGermany36
6Jaroslav Pospisil and Jaroslav PollertCzech Republic33
7Kryzysztof Kolomanksi and Michael StaniszewskiPoland31
Marek Jiras and Tomaz MaderCzech Republic31
9Francois LeTourneau and Benoit GauthierCanada30
10Roman Strba and Roman VajsSlovakia25

Men's Single Kayak

1Scott ShipleyUnited States57
2Thomas BeckerGermany55
Manuel KoehlerAustria55
4Fedja MarusicSlovenia44
5Andraz VehovarSlovenia41
6Oliver FixGermany40
7Ian WileyIreland32
8Pierpaolo FerrazziItaly29
9David FordCanada24
Shaun PearceGreat Britain24

Women's Single Kayak

1Lynn SimpsonGreat Britain70
2Stepanka HilgertovaCzech Republic62
3Anne BoixelFrance46
4Kordula StriepeckeGermany41
5Elisabeth Micheler-JonesGermany35
6Irena PavelkovaCzech Republic32
7Elena KaliskaSlovakia29
Marcela SadilovaCzech Republic29
Brigitte GuibalFrance29
10Myriam FoxFrance25

1995 World Cup Individual Race Results

  • World Cup #1, Moldau, Prague (Trojau) Czech Republic, June 24-25, 1995 (Finals only)
  • World Cup #2, Save, Tacen, Slovenia, July 1-2, 1995 (Finals only)
  • World Cup #3, Noce, Mezzana, Italy, July 8-9, 1995 (Finals only)
  • World Cup #4, Saalach, Lofer, Austria, July 15-16, 1995 (Finals only)
  • World Cup #5, Ocoee, Ducktown, Tennessee, United States, September 30-October 1, 1995 (Finals only)
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