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1997 Pool Slalom Results -- English Gate

  • Note 1: All times have been rounded to the nearest .1 second.
  • Note 2: We decided to call 3 boats a class instead of 5 (except for open boat tandem-2 boats)

    K1 Composite

    Joe Burd (squirt)Lehigh Valley Canoe Club74.8074.8
    Paul SpaldingGreen Bay Paddlers United118.64122.6
    Rich KulawiecLehigh Valley Canoe Club116.98124.9
    Tracy WingeGreen Bay Paddlers United167.712179.7

    K1 Junior Composite

    Eli RavinSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School88088
    Nate PoberajSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School80888
    Simon BeardmoreSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School89695
    Toby RoessinghGreen Bay Paddlers United114.76120.7
    Scott Lardinois Green Bay Paddlers United135.66141.6
    Steve RakoLehigh Valley Canoe Club117.152169.1

    K1 Master Composite

    Jon NelsonPenn State Outing Club72.5072.5
    Dave KurtzPenn State Outing Club90.9494.9
    Chris CarterLehigh Valley Canoe Club111.82113.8

    K1W Composite

    Sara KarpSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School94498
    Caroline HartridgeSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1056111
    Meredith Stephens (junior)Green Bay Paddlers United112.62114.6

    K1W Cadet Composite

    Gwen Greeley (cadet)Green Bay Paddlers United119.110129.1
    Lauren Bixby (cadet)Green Bay Paddlers United135.84139.8

    C1 Composite

    Ray McLain (master)Green Bay Paddlers United100.40100.4

    Open Canoe Tandem Composite

    John Eberle/Paul StandaGreen Bay Paddlers United205.680285.6

    K1 Rec

    Brian PotopowitzLehigh Valley Canoe Club95.76101.7
    Jeff RendanoLehigh Valley Canoe Club100.72102.7
    Paul SpauldingGreen Bay Paddlers United107.26113.2
    Tim LuceLehigh Valley Canoe Club112.26118.2
    Bill Merrick (master)Green Bay Paddlers United117.14121.1
    Bill Stahl (master)Green Bay Paddlers United113.78121.7
    Kim ParrottGreen Bay Paddlers United123.70123.7
    Scott KnechtLehigh Valley Canoe Club1338141
    Tracy WingeGreen Bay Paddlers United143.36149.3
    Noel RickertLehigh Valley Canoe Club161.712173.7
    Eric WernerLehigh Valley Canoe Club172.614186.6

    K1 Junior Rec

    Palmer SeeleySt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School88290
    Paul DieffenbachSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1032105
    Scott LardinoisGreen Bay Paddlers United108.60108.6
    Tom SchnellerLehigh Valley Canoe Club109.24113.2
    Ollie Connell (cadet)St. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1202122
    Dave MuellerLehigh Valley Canoe Club153.78161.7

    K1 Master Rec

    Scott MacindoeLehigh Valley Canoe Club115.84119.8
    Al MillerLehigh Valley Canoe Club127.40127.4
    Art SilfiesLehigh Valley Canoe Club131.18139.1
    Ron KernLehigh Valley Canoe Club140.52142.5
    Larry MarchLehigh Valley Canoe Club13612148
    Tex KyleLehigh Valley Canoe Club117.152169.1
    Pete StolvoortLehigh Valley Canoe Club185.68193.6

    K1 Women Rec

    Katie Lackritz (junior)St. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School87289
    Kathy RakoLehigh Valley Canoe Club1082110
    Meredith Stephens (junior)Green Bay Paddlers United110.12112.1
    Gwen Greeley (cadet)Green Bay Paddlers United115.80115.8
    Claire TebbetsSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1214125
    Kathy BronishLehigh Valley Canoe Club129.58137.5
    Maryellen MillerLehigh Valley Canoe Club135.76141.7
    Ellen Kenny (sit on top)St. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School13025155
    Kaylie Dienelt (junior)St. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1556161

    Open Canoe Solo Rec

    Mike CampanelliLehigh Valley Canoe Club175.525200.5
    Nevin Cope (master)Lehigh Valley Canoe Club26635301

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