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1997 Pool Slalom Results -- Full Length Course

  • Note 1: All times have been rounded to the nearest .1 second.
  • Note 2: We decided to call 3 boats a class instead of 5 (except for open boat tandem-2 boats)

    K1 Composite

    K-1Kurt BraunlichSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School90494
    K-1Shawn SmithNantahala Racing Club94.2094.2
    K-1Abel HastingsNantahala Racing Club94.4296.4
    K-1Bobby HartiridgeNantahala Racing Club96.4298.4
    K-1Wayne DickertNantahala Racing Club103.30103.3
    K-1Eric StrittmatterWarren Wilson College107.10107.1
    K-1Marc LeonardPenn State Outing Club108.60108.6
    K-1Pete SchultzPenn State Outing Club1072109
    K-1Dave KlutePenn State Outing Club112.90112.9
    K-1Lee SandersNantahala Racing Club108.46114.4
    K-1 squirtJoe BurdLehigh Valley Canoe Club111.74115.7
    K-1Kevin WilliamsWarren Wilson College116.22118.2
    K-1Rich KulawiecLehigh Valley Canoe Club125.44129.4
    K-1Eric HelfenPenn State Outing Club144.34148.3
    K-1Will StahlGreen Bay Paddlers United14610156
    K-1Paul SpauldingGreen Bay Paddlers United150.98158.9
    K-1Jake WeldonWildwater Boating Club196.38204.3
    K-1George HodgesWarren Wilson College124.4106230.4

    K1 Junior Composite

    K-1 JrDan MentenIdaho Junior Olympic Program98.8098.8
    K-1 JrNate PoberajSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School99099
    K-1 JrToby RoessinghGreen Bay Paddlers United1060106
    K-1 JrNeil KettingNantahala Racing Club112.34116.3
    K-1 JrSimon BeardmoreSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1232125
    K-1 JrDan CrockettIdaho Junior Olympic Program121.34125.3
    K-1 JrEli RavinSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1206126
    K-1 JrMatt RoanWildwater Boating Club127.52129.5
    K-1 JrSteve RakoLehigh Valley Canoe Club122.58130.5
    K-1 JrJosh DenzGreen Bay Paddlers United126.94130.9
    K-1 JrMatt WeldonWildwater Boating Club129.46135.4
    K-1 JrScott LardinoisGreen Bay Paddlers United1410141
    K-1 JrConner BlodgetWildwater Boating Club154.54158.5

    K1 Cadet Composite

    K-1 CadetJure PoberajSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1356141
    K-1 CadetJordan KvanliTeam Panama of Texas13410144
    K-1 Sub-CadetAlex HarnerTeam Panama of Texas23510245
    K-1 Sub-CadetJay HarnerTeam Panama of Texas23426260

    K1 Master Composite

    K-1 MasterJon NelsonPenn State Outing Club101.70101.7
    K-1 MasterDave KurtzWildwater Boating Club110.80110.8
    K-1 MasterChris CarterLehigh Valley Canoe Club1122114
    K-1 MasterRay McLainGreen Bay Paddlers United115.30115.3
    K-1 MasterChuck CooperPenn State Outing Club121.22123.2
    K-1 MasterTom MentonIdaho Junior Olympic Program1260126

    K1W Composite

    K-1WChristine BakerNantahala Racing Club106.34110.3
    K-1WLedee HoldenNantahala Racing Club129.74133.7
    K-1WCornelia TaylorWarren Wilson College135.22137.2
    K-1WKathy RakoLehigh Valley Canoe Club135.92137.9
    K-1WRenee GelblatLehigh Valley Canoe Club138.12140.1
    K-1WLorene WeldonWildwater Boating Club165.80165.8
    K-1WMary MaguirePenn State Outing Club1686174
    K-1WTonya LeloLehigh Valley Canoe Club167.420187.4

    K1W Junior Composite

    K-1W JrMeredith StephensGreen Bay Paddlers United117.30117.3
    K-1W JrCaroline HartridgeSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1202122
    K-1W JrSara KarpSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1212123

    K1W Cadet Composite

    K-1W CadetGwen GreeleyGreen Bay Paddlers United113.16119.1
    K-1W CadetAmanda WeldonWildwater Boating Club172.40172.4
    K-1W CadetLauren BixbyGreen Bay Paddlers United13954193
    K-1W CadetSamantha GussPenn State Outing Club197.86203.8
    K-1W Sub-CadetChristine WeldonWildwater Boating Club208.110218.1
    K-1W CadetCory JacobsGreen Bay Paddlers United214.2100314.2

    C1 Composite

    C-1Lecky HallerNantahala Racing Club89.2089.2
    C-1Davey HearnSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School90090
    C-1Horace HoldenNantahala Racing Club93.8497.8
    C-1Wayne DickertNantahala Racing Club99.7099.7
    C-1Lee SandersNantahala Racing Club100.30100.3
    C-1 MasterRay McLainGreen Bay Paddlers United107.80107.8
    C-1Abel HastingsNantahala Racing Club109.50109.5
    C-1Kevin WilliamsWarren Wilson College118.20118.2
    C-1Bobby HartridgeNantahala Racing Club116.98124.9
    C-1John GriffithWarren Wilson College126.40126.4
    C-1Eli HelbertWarren Wilson College121.26127.2
    C-1Jesse SteeleWarren Wilson College129.52131.5
    C-1Ben StanfordWarren Wilson College168.94172.9
    C-1Rich KulawiecLehigh Valley Canoe Club167.412179.4
    C-1Bill EdmondsWarren Wilson College146102248

    C1W Composite

    C-1WChristine BakerNantahala Racing Club119.46125.4
    C-1WKathy RakoLehigh Valley Canoe Club150.34154.3
    C-1W CadetGwen GreeleyGreen Bay Paddlers United135.20135.2

    C1 Junior Composite

    C-1 JrDan MentenIdaho Junior Olympic Program1020102
    C-1 JrSteve RakoLehigh Valley Canoe Club122.14126.1
    C-1 JrToby RoessinghGreen Bay Paddlers United143.22145.2
    C-1 JrDan CrockettIdaho Junior Olympic Program142.74146.7
    C-1 JrMeredith StephensGreen Bay Paddlers United152.24156.2
    C-1 JrNeil KettingNantahala Racing Club164.90164.9
    C-1 JrScott LardinoisGreen Bay Paddlers United186.70186.7
    C-1 JrJosh DenzGreen Bay Paddlers United182.910192.9
    C-1 CadetEric JacobsGreen Bay Paddlers United346.314360.3
    C-1 JrCory JacobsGreen Bay Paddlers United42116437

    C2 Composite

    C-2Horace Holden/Wayne DickertNantahala Racing Club99.6099.6
    C-2Babby Hartridge/Abel HastingsNantahala Racing Club118.96124.9
    C-2Neil Ketting/Horace HoldenNantahala Racing Club124.94128.9
    C-2Bill Edmonds/Kevin WilliamsWarren Wilson College141.86147.8
    C-2Ben Stanford/Eli HelbertWarren Wilson College159.910169.9
    C-2 cadet/masterEric Jacobs/Ray McLainGreen Bay Paddlers United175.20175.2
    C-2Jessee Steele/Britt SingerWarren Wilson College161.616177.6

    C2 Mixed Composite

    C-2 MixedLedee & HoraceHoldenNantahala Racing Club125.52127.5
    C-2 Mixed junior/masterMeredith Stephens/Ray McLainGreen Bay Paddlers United140.24144.2
    C-2 Mixed cadet/masterCory Jacobs/Ray McLainGreen Bay Paddlers United172.20172.2
    C-2 Mixed cadet/juniorGwen Greeley/Josh DenzGreen Bay Paddlers United171.414185.4

    C2 Junior Composite

    C-2 JrJosh Denz/Scott LardinoisGreen Bay Paddlers United166.512178.5
    C-2W CadetLauren Bixby/Gwen GreeleyGreen Bay Paddlers United200.710210.7
    C-2W JrGwen Greeley/Meredith StephensGreen Bay Paddlers United23012242

    K1 Rec

    K-1 RecBobby HartridgeNantahala Racing Club102.70102.7
    K-1 RecWayne DickertNantahala Racing Club1062108
    K-1 RecScott AlbrightWarren Wilson College116.52118.5
    K-1 RecPete SchultzPenn State Outing Club120.32122.3
    K-1 RecRich KulawiecLehigh Valley Canoe Club125.94129.9
    K-1 RecJohn McCulleyIdaho Junior Olympic Program1276133
    K-1 RecJustyn ThompsonWarren Wilson College132.54136.5
    K-1 RecTim LuceLehigh Valley Canoe Club133.14137.1
    K-1 RecJeff RendanoLehigh Valley Canoe Club141.62143.6
    K-1 RecTedmund DrulardLehigh Valley Canoe Club138.86144.8
    K-1 RecBrian PotopowitzLehigh Valley Canoe Club140.76146.7
    K-1 RecJesse SteeleWarren Wilson College1452147
    K-1 RecJohn KeyesIdaho Junior Olympic Program151.72153.7
    K-1 RecAndrew SnyderLehigh Valley Canoe Club15616172
    K-1 RecJohannes MillerLehigh Valley Canoe Club160.516176.5
    K-1 RecEric WernerLehigh Valley Canoe Club164.814178.8
    K-1 RecDean JacksonWarren Wilson College129.252181.2
    K-1 RecNoel RickertLehigh Valley Canoe Club175.68183.6
    K-1 RecPaul SpauldingGreen Bay Paddlers United139.858197.8
    K-1 RecScott KnechtLehigh Valley Canoe Club190.610200.6
    K-1 RecCameron LeeWarren Wilson College151.252203.2
    K-1 RecTerry WayneLehigh Valley Canoe Club220.316236.3
    K-1 RecJohn GriffinIdaho Junior Olympic Program243.72245.7
    K-1 RecJohn HerberLehigh Valley Canoe Club224.224248.2

    K1 Rec Junior

    K-1 Rec JrPalmer SeeleySt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1312133
    K-1 Rec JrNeil KettingNantahala Racing Club127.38135.3
    K-1 Rec JrJosh DenzGreen Bay Paddlers United134.42136.4
    K-1 Rec JrMatt WeldonWildwater Boating Club141.52143.5
    K-1 Rec JrScott LardinoisGreen Bay Paddlers United136.98144.9
    K-1 Rec JrPaul DieffenbachSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1460146
    K-1 Rec JrTom SchnellerLehigh Valley Canoe Club142.24146.2
    K-1 Rec JrHugh HillSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1484152
    K-1 Rec JrDave MuellerLehigh Valley Canoe Club164.24168.2
    K-1 Rec JrToby RoessinghGreen Bay Paddlers United13054184

    K1 Rec Cadet

    K-1 Rec CadetOllie ConnellSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1638171
    K-1 Rec CadetEric JacobsGreen Bay Paddlers United339.710349.7
    K-1 Rec CadetRyan ReomIdaho Junior Olympic Program453.7168621.7

    K1 Rec Master

    K-1 Rec MasterJon NelsonPenn State Outing Club112.30112.3
    K-1 Rec MasterRon KernLehigh Valley Canoe Club144.42146.4
    K-1 Rec MasterLarry MarchLehigh Valley Canoe Club13612148
    K-1 Rec MasterWill StahlGreen Bay Paddlers United145.44149.4
    K-1 Rec MasterAl MillerLehigh Valley Canoe Club146.24150.2
    K-1 Rec MasterScott MacindoeLehigh Valley Canoe Club146.94150.9
    K-1 Rec MasterTom MentonIdaho Junior Olympic Program121.252173.2
    K-1 Rec MasterArt SilfiesLehigh Valley Canoe Club163.910173.9
    K-1 Rec MasterSteve MooreGreen Bay Paddlers United174.710184.7
    K-1 Rec Master (sit-on-top)Will LeveretteWarren Wilson College194.315209.3
    K-1 Rec MasterTex KyleLehigh Valley Canoe Club158.954212.9
    K-1 Rec MasterPeter StolvoortLehigh Valley Canoe Club221.512233.5
    K-1 Rec MasterJack JacobsGreen Bay Paddlers United266.7156422.7

    K1W Rec

    K-1W RecKathy RakoLehigh Valley Canoe Club135.52137.5
    K-1W RecCornelia TaylorWarren Wilson College141.52143.5
    K-1W RecRenee GelblatLehigh Valley Canoe Club136.110146.1
    K-1W RecEllen Joy PerkinsWarren Wilson College153.82155.8
    K-1W RecTonya LeloLehigh Valley Canoe Club164.910174.9
    K-1W RecMaryellen MillerLehigh Valley Canoe Club184.66190.6
    K-1W RecKathy BronishLehigh Valley Canoe Club185.16191.1
    K-1W RecBette PhelpsLehigh Valley Canoe Club19912211
    K-1W RecSusan CampanelliLehigh Valley Canoe Club209.312221.3
    K-1W RecKaren GrosskreutzWarren Wilson College226.68234.6
    K-1W RecMartha HovisWarren Wilson College214.524238.5

    K1W Rec Junior

    K-1W Rec CadetGwen GreeleyGreen Bay Paddlers United126.20126.2
    K-1W Rec JrKatie LackritzSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1352137
    K-1W Rec JrClaire TebbetsSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School1702172
    K-1W Rec JrMeredith StephensGreen Bay Paddlers United127.452179.4
    K-1W Rec JrKaylie DieneltSt. Albans & Nat'l Cathedral School2038211
    K-1W Rec CadetCory JacobsGreen Bay Paddlers United223.84227.8

    C1 Rec

    C-1 RecHorace HoldenNantahala Racing Club100.30100.3
    C-1 RecWayne DickertNantahala Racing Club105.30105.3
    C-1 RecAbel HastingsNantahala Racing Club113.52115.5
    C-1 RecDave TomptenIdaho Junior Olympic Program123.80123.8
    C-1 RecEli HelbertWarren Wilson College123.52125.5
    C-1 RecBobby HartridgeNantahala Racing Club1264130
    C-1 RecJesse SteeleWarren Wilson College140.40140.4
    C-1 Rec JrNeil KettingNantahala Racing Club175.68183.6
    C-1 RecEric StrittmatterWarren Wilson College135.154189.1

    OC1 Rec

    OC-1 RecHorace HoldenNantahala Racing Club1120112
    OC-1 RecWayne DickertNantahala Racing Club114.90114.9
    OC-1 RecLecky HallerNantahala Racing Club116.435151.4
    OC-1 RecMarc LeonardPenn State Outing Club143.810153.8
    OC-1 RecBobby HartridgeNantahala Racing Club143.820163.8
    OC-1 RecEli HelbertWarren Wilson College150.130180.1
    OC-1 RecJake GreearWarren Wilson College157.645202.6
    OC-1 RecJesse SteeleWarren Wilson College176.330206.3
    OC-1 RecMike CampanelliLehigh Valley Canoe Club196.535231.5
    OC-1 RecLeith MacKenzieWarren Wilson College195.170265.1
    OC-1 RecBritt SingerWarren Wilson College193.775268.7
    OC-1W RecMaryellen MillerLehigh Valley Canoe Club293.75298.7
    OC-1 RecGeorge HodgesWarren Wilson College229.4120349.4
    OC-1 Rec juniorNeil KettingNantahala Racing Club218.955273.9

    OC2 Rec

    OC-2 RecJohn Eberle/Paul StandaGreen Bay Paddlers United424.3240664.3
    OC-2W Rec CadetLauren Bixby/Gwen GreeleyGreen Bay Paddlers United23012242

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