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2003-2005 Schedule for NY


(I've tried to indicate questionable information with ??, but that's not a guarantee that everything else is accurate. And if something is wrong, then it's probably my fault, not the race organizer's.)

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Fall Creek Slalom
Fall Creek/ Ithaca , NY , USA
Apr 6, 2003 -
Natural flow stream ranging from easy class II to pushy class III. Slalom for C-D/unranked decked boats and open boats. Benefit raffle for AWA, Finger Lakes Land Trust. Contact: Theo Theobald, clt4@cornell.edu, 607-255-3802.  Results

Ten Mile River Clinic & Slalom
Ten Mile River Webatuck , NY , USA
May 24, 2003 -May 25, 2003
Beginner clinic and slalom, heavy emphasis on instruction and FUN! Held in a beautiful location on NY-CT border. Contact: Keech Le Clair, 914-762-5121, wwoc@bestweb.net.  

Cascade Falls Spring Slalom
Geneva , NY , USA
Jun 1, 2003 -
Contact: Art Miller, artm@rochester.rr.com.  

KCCNY Esopus Slalom Doubleheader
Esopus River/ Phoenicia , NY , USA
Jun 7, 2003 -Jun 8, 2003
Decked boat slalom in class III rapid. Doubleheader with a race on Saturday and another on Sunday. Contact: Paul Epstein, eplaw@aol.com.  Results

Esopus Slalom (NESS #9)/ACA Atlantic Division Slalom Championships
Esopus River/ Phoenicia , NY , USA
Oct 5, 2003 -
New England Slalom Series
Class III slalom. Contact: Chris Carter, cjserenity3@juno.com, PO Box 112, Bernville, PA, 19506, 610-488-6875.  Results

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