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2003-2005 Schedule for PA


(I've tried to indicate questionable information with ??, but that's not a guarantee that everything else is accurate. And if something is wrong, then it's probably my fault, not the race organizer's.)

How to submit your event for the schedule

34th Annual Red Moshannon Downriver Race
Red Moshannon River/ Grassflat , PA , USA
Mar 29, 2003 -
7 mile downriver race, class II+, but could increase significantly during high water conditions. Classes for just about everything that floats. Great group dinner afterwards with videos of the race, prize drawings, etc. Full details on the race and entry forms are available here. Or contact: Tussey Mountain Outfitters, 226 N. Water Street,Bellefonte, PA 16823, 814-355-5690.  

PSOC Loyalsock Slalom
Loyalsock Creek in World's End State Park/ Forksville , PA , USA
Apr 5, 2003 -Apr 6, 2003
Class II-III slalom run by the Penn State Outing Club Whitewater in a beautiful location in north-central Pennsylvania. Entry forms and info are on their web site.  Results

Kish Slalom/Junior Olympic Qualifier
Kishacoquillas Creek/ Reedsville , PA , USA
Apr 26, 2003 -Apr 27, 2003
Class II Slalom conducted by Dave Kurtz and Mach One Racing Team. Team races on Saturday, individual events on Sunday. Contact: Kathy Phillips, 814-234-7009, phillips@lazerlink.com, 381 Park Lane Ave., State College, PA 16803. Dave Kurtz, 814-237-7727, d1k@psu.edu. See Kish Slalom Information and Kish Slalom Registration  Results

Dog Days Slalom
Spring Creek/ Bellefonte , PA , USA
Aug 16, 2003 -Aug 17, 2003
Class I+ slalom held at same site as fall Penn Cup race. Team races, very silly mini-rodeo on Saturday evening, paddler party on Saturday night. Contact: Tussey Mountain Outfitters, 226 N. Water Street, Bellefonte, PA 16823, 814-355-5690. Online info and entry forms at Dog Days Slalom.  Results

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