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This site is prepared using standard Unix tools such as vi, awk, sed, make, and perl on Sun Sparc workstations running Solaris, OpenBSD, and Debian Linux. It's not optimized for any particular browser, because that's contrary to the spirit of open standards that built the Internet. However, it's tested with Mozilla, Netscape Communicator, Opera,, dillo, and Amaya, the World Wide Web Consortium reference standard browser. (The W3C are the people who define web standards. Amaya is ruthlessly standards-compliant, and thus is an excellent tool for discovering what non-standard (and therefore broken) things people have put on their web pages.)

It's hosted on a multiple Sun servers connected to the Internet by redundant high-speed connections and housed in a secure facility. It's powered by the Apache web server, with mail services handled by Sendmail and Majordomo.

In general, we've tried to keep the site spare, avoiding heavy graphics, animated GIFs, and other superfluous bandwidth-eating material in favor of textual information. As of this writing (spring 2003) the site contains about 8000 documents totalling about 70 Mbytes.

If you're sending in material for the web site, please keep in mind that it's easiest for us to deal with open, non-proprietary formats such as ASCII text, HTML, PostScript, and PDF, but somewhat harder to deal with the formats use by proprietary word processors and spreadsheets. That means, in the case of text, that it's most helpful if you send things in ASCII, but that we'll try to cope with just about anything that comes our way.

When it comes to graphics, we can deal with GIF, JPG, PNG, PPM, PBM, Sun Raster, most TIFF formats, and others; we've got a pretty decent selection of tools on hand to convert between those.

If you're sending in results, take a look at the quick guide that explains how to send in results.

Did anybody help out with this?

Yup. A ton of people -- see the Credits Page for a list.

Contact: webmaster.