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Doing a web site like this requires the cooperation of a lot of people. So many, in fact, that this page probably omits people who should be listed here -- my apologies in advance for such omissions.

Among the people who helped with schedule entries and race results -- in addition to those listed elsewhere at this site -- are: Mark McCormack, Chris Hipgrave, Dave Woodman, David F. Reichert, Marty at the ACA, John Paran, Susan Scheufele, Martin Froehlke, Mike MacGregor, Mike Savory, Ted Burnell, Craig Peabody, Tracy Clapp, Mark Scriver, Becky Storey, Chuck Cooper, Larry Lubbers, Dave Kurtz, DJ Medeiros, Polly Prater, Brian Kerrigan, Russ Griner-Johnson, PA Environmental Council NE Office, Don Giddens/Karin Baldzer, Eric Jackson, Barry Grimes, Carlos Patrickson, Dave White, Felix Martel, Jim Warren, Maureen Lamb, Leland Davis, Linda Reiche, Niamh Donnelly, Claudia Van Wyk, Paul Stinson, Jeff Rivest, Tyler Elm, Dave Kovar, Adobe Whitewater Club, Mike Morro, via Susan Lasante, Peggy & David Mitchell, Fred Gautesen of the Snake River Whitewater Project, Chris Webster, Greg Kopp, Bill Clark, Julie Pheasant-Albright, Eugene D. Buchanan at Paddler Magazine, Alicia Pond, Vicki Greeley, Cathy Hearn, John W. Dennis, Allen Mayers, David Sinish (T'Ville Race Director), Tussey Mountain Outfitters (Dog Days and Red Mo Races), Elmore Holmes, Don Walls, Karen Blom & Bruce Lessels at Zoar Outdoor, and all the other nice people at the Penn State Outing Club Whitewater, Conewago Canoe Club (especially Linda Davidson), the Keystone Canoe Club, Canoe Club of Greater Harrisburg, and the Lehigh Valley Canoe Club. Thanks also to Markus Flechtner of the German Canoe Federation.

Thanks to the Kern River Alliance and folks like Chris Nuthall and Linda Ivins for putting me on their mailing list so that I can keep in touch with things Californian.

Thanks to Jennie Goldberg of the League of Northwest Whitewater Racers for putting me on that mailing list so that I can envy all of those crazed and soggy northwestern paddlers. ;-)

And speaking of the Northwest, thanks to Paul Shipley for graciously letting me borrow NW Cup results and standings and other goodies from his web site.

Thanks to Wayne Dickert and Mike Hipsher of NOC and the Nantahala Racing Club for organizing races, clinics, and providing a wealth of information.

A big thanks!! to Joel Reeves who spotted a problem with the way I'd coded the tables for the 1996 rankings and sent me the fix -- which solved a problem that was keeping a number of people from viewing the rankings. Joel has also spotted and helped me to correct many of my mistakes, as well as providing copious information on every aspect of racing.

Thanks to Natalie Brunner and Shanna Welsh for taking some of the pictures of the 1996 Nationals.

Thanks to >Paul Kempner, >Barry Butterfield, >Mike Cook, and the other folks at Cornell Outdoor Education for information about the Fall Creek Slalom (and for putting on a great race).

Thanks to Jennifer Hearn for a great write-up on the Bethesda Center of Excellence. (And thanks also for all of her years of work at the BCE!)

Thanks to >Susan Saphire Dan Bowler, Bob Putnam, Sonny & Amy Hunt, Ray Ingram, Barb Kingsborough, Keech and Ann LeClair, Mark Ciborowski, and Chris Carter for NESS information and race results.

Thanks to Ken Fox of CSSI for his massive assistance with getting the photos from Wausau '97 digitized.

Thanks to Andreas Karlsson for a pointer to the Swedish paddling site and World Cup results.

Thanks to the AWA for allowing me to use schedule information from their site for this one.

Thanks to Max Wellhouse for a huge archive of slalom material which is slowly getting digitized and showing up here -- and for many, many years of service to the slalom community.

Thanks to Joan Schaech for converting documents from wacky formats into ASCII for me.

And finally, a huge thanks to >Renee Gelblat who has faxed, phoned, copied, transcribed, mailed, paged, indexed, checked, proofread and just about every other thing in order to help make this site happen. She has been a source of strength, advice, and encouragement...so if you feel inclined to send a thank-you to me, please send one to her too.


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