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NWSC Teleconference Minutes, October 1997

From: mdwilson@pop.mindspring.com (Marshall Wilson)
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 21:44:55 -0500
Subject: Minutes of October Phone Conference

Minutes Of October 30, Phone Conference Meeting


Bill Endicott, Chair
Marshall Wilson, Secretary
Tom Long, Vice Chair
Bill Constable, Treasurer


Mary Marshall Seaver
Bert Hinkley
Wayne Dickert
Lecky Haller
Rich Kulawiec
Bob Campbell
Susan Saphire
Mike Sloan
Bill Parsons
John Brennan

Other participants

Kurt Schubring, Events Committee
Tom Vollstedt, Wausau LOC
Peter Kennedy
Lisa Fish, USCKT
Scott Strausbaugh, Junior Team Coach

Team Trials

A three day event at one site was approved by the NWSC. No official vote was taken. Some opposition was expressed over the ability of the LOC's to run a quality race and the added burden and expense for organizers and voluteers created by a three day event.


The executive committee did not act on events after the August 13 meeting as approved by the NWSC during the August 13 conference. The following events were approved by the entire NWSC board during the October conference call.

Team TrialsWausauMay 8,9,10, 1998
Junior Team TrialsSnyders MillMay 2,3, 1998
National ChampionshipsSouth BendAugust 8, 1998

***The above event awards were approved by voice vote with one against.

Junior/Senior/Masters: Referred to the Executive Committee for future decision.

1998 Budget

The budget discussion was lead by Bill Endicott and Mike Sloan based on conversations with Terry Kent and knowledge of the overall finances of the USCKT.

The proposed budget to be sent to the USCKT for consideration and hopeful approval was as follows.

Team Support$136,000.00
Development$ 84,000.00
Officials and Events$ 2,500.00
Chairman's Contingency$ 2,500.00
Sydney Contribution$ 20,000.00

***The budget was approved by unanimous vote of those present.


Elections were deferred to the December 4 conference meeting. Bill Constable is to prepare a report of the findings of the special committee on elections for consideration by the NWSC. The next meeting will consider the method of electing representatives to the NWSC board and the number of representatives. Separate discussions of the by-laws will be necessary to set terms, participation requirements and other conditions of the positions. Bill is to distribute the report to the NWSC board via e-mail.


Rich Kulawiec is to prepare a report of proposed rankings for 1998 using the same methodology as used for 1997. The report is to be distributed to the members of the NWSC board via e-mail in advance of the meeting.

Next Meeting

The next phone conference will be held on December 4, 1997 at 8:00 pm eastern standard time.


The Agenda for the next conference is to be as follows:
1. Approval of minutes for the October call.

2. Election procedures (to be lead by Bill Constable).

3. Approval of Rankings for 1998 (to be lead by Rich Kulawiec).

4. USCKT budget response and impact on programs.

5. By-Laws and NGB status.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:36 pm eastern standard time.

****** Reminder ******

Please send your comments on the minutes and the phone number of your location for the next conference call to Marshall Wilson.

Contact: webmaster.