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How to submit events for the Slalom/Wildwater/Rodeo/Festival/etc. Schedules

1. Please send comments, additions, corrections and boxes of Frangos to webmaster.

2. When submitting an event, please include the following information:

3. If any of the information is questionable/tentative, please indicate that it is by putting "??" in the appropriate place(s).

4. Note: if at all possible, please use any of the Internet standard/non-proprietary formats for your correspondence, such as: ASCII text, HTML, or PDF. (If that's not possible, please let me know what format the attachment is in.)

5. If you're an event organizer, please add me to your mailing list: Rich Kulawiec, PO Box 1117, Sparks, MD 21152-1117.

6. Send your thank-yous to all of the many, many people who have made this possible by organizing races and teaching clinics and a hundred other things. You'll find a lot of their names on this schedule, along with more on the Credits page. If I've overlooked anybody, I assure you it's not intentional.

Contact: webmaster.