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How to submit race results

Revised October, 2002

We're going to try to make this as simple as possible, because we know that once the race is over, the last thing anybody wants to do is more work on the race. :-)

What to send in

When you send in your results, there are certain fields which are REQUIRED. These are:

There are certain other fields which are OPTIONAL -- if you have this information and want to provide it to us, that's great (and I may use it), but you don't have to. These are:

Please also be sure to tell us the name of the race, the date of the race, and the location -- most people already do this, but every now then we wind up with a mystery to solve.

Finally, if there is anything we need to know about the results -- for example, if the novice class raced on a different course than the rest of the competitors -- then please include that information.

How to send results in

Here's how you can get results to us:

1. Email The address to use is results@whitewaterslalom.org.

Please try to send results in ASCII text, with the columns separated by whitespace (for example, tabs). We can also handle HTML, Postscript and PDF, but we'll probably wind up turning the results back into ASCII in the process of formatting them for the web site anyway.

As of the winter of 2000, we can deal with quite a few proprietary formats like Word or Excel, so if you can't generate ASCII, go ahead and try one of these. Please realize that it takes substantially longer for us to cope with these formats, so we have a strong preference for ASCII...but we'd rather get results this way than not at all. (Or you can try to convert them to ASCII.)

2. Pointer to web site If you've already got them on a web site, just send me the URL, and we'll grab them from there.

3. Fax We've now got a fax number that works 24x7. (It works by forwarding the received fax to us via email.) The number is 707-598-3659.

4. Snail-mail. The old standby: easier, and cheap. It does mean that there's a chance we'll make a mistake typing in the results, but we do proofread them, and check them via a script. The address to use is:

A word about the format of results

It's most helpful if slalom results come in a format something like this:
The order of the columns isn't important -- we can easily rearrange them, and in fact frequently do.

There are a bunch of reasons that we ask for all that information --


For those occasions when folks don't complete their runs, we'd suggest using these abbreviations:

Please don't use 999.99 or 999 or any other numeric value for these. (Everyone uses something different and it just makes things confusing.

Here's our suggestion as to what folks might want to use to indicate boat classes, boat types, number of paddlers, gender and age classes, and skill classes. Obviously, some races break out competitors into only a few of these; others use many of them.

Boat ClassBoat TypePaddlersGenderAge classSkill class
race boat
solo boat
cadet (<15)
rec boat
tandem boat
junior (15-18)
open canoe
senior (30-40)
master (>40)


Note 1: "race boats" generally means K-1's, C-1's, and C-2's which meet the ICF specs for slalom boats. "rec boats" means recreational, commercially-available boat designs and is sometimes called "plastic" or "cruiser", sometimes includes squirt and rodeo boats, etc.

Note 2: Team runs can be indicated by just appending Team to the name of the class.

Note 3: Please see the USACK Canoe/Kayak Slalom Racing Rules, Article 6.C for the exact definitions of age classes.


Example 1:

ClassPlaceNameTime 1Pen 1Total 1Time 2Pen 2Total 2ScoreClub
K-1W Cadet1Molly Stock210.498218.49198.724202.72202.72BCE
K-1W Cadet2Erin Eichfeld352.324356.32348.3258406.32356.32LVCC

Example 2:

ClassPlaceName(s)Time 1Penalty 1Total 1Time 2Penalty 2Total 2ScoreUSACK
K-1 Jr1Seann Moriarty150.636156.63148.664152.66309.29123456
K-1 Jr2Kurtis Palmero152.858160.85150.326156.32317.17234567
K-1 Jr3Nat Houser152.2114166.21145.856151.85318.06345678
K-1 Jr4Chales Bray159.488167.48161.420161.42328.90456789


How to convert race results to ASCII

To change a document from the proprietary format of your word processor to ASCII format there are two options:

1)Send the document as "included text" instead of an attachment. You do this through your mail package. If you have a menu bar which has a"file" button, pull it down. There is usually an option called "retrieve" or "include". If you use this function, the program will ask you for a file and then stick the contents of the file into the body of the mail message as it converts the text to ASCII. You will lose any fancy formatting and sometimes the text contains the formatting codes as words.

2) Use your word processor to convert the text. Go into the word processor and open the file. Look under the "file" pulldown menu for the "save as" option. This function allows you to save a file in a format other than the preferred format of the word processor. You should get a list of many options. Choose "ASCII" or "DOS text" or "Unformatted text". I've seen ASCII called various things. You may need to go to the "help" function or the manual to figure out what your word processor calls ASCII.

To change a document from the proprietary format of your spreadsheet to ASCII format, the routine is the same as for a word processor. You go find where the program hides the "save as" or "export" function and then chose "text" as the format option. This creates something called at .TXT file which contains ASCII. There are sometimes various options for what to use as a delimiter; tabs are usually the best one to pick.

Thanks to Renee Gelblat for that explanation!