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Links to related sites

  • The National Whitewater Slalom Committee is an organization focused on the sport of whitewater slalom in the United States. Its mission is to promote the sport at all levels of competition, from beginner races right up to the international level. But given that you're reading this at the NWSC web site, you probably already knew that. :-)

  • The United States Canoe and Kayak Team (USCKT) has the mission of preparing athletes for high-level (World Cup, Olympic) competition in the disciplines of sprint and whitewater slalom racing. They're the parent organization of the NWSC. You can also reach them by email (usckt@aol.com), phone (518-523-1855) and fax (518-523-3767).

  • The International Canoe Federation is the international governing body for canoesport, and is the organization which runs the World Championships. Other sources of ICF information include ICF Sportinformation and ICF Wildwater Web Site.

  • The American Canoe Association is a large, general-purpose paddling organization that encompasses members interested in everything from canoe sailing to whitewater racing. In fact, you can find out about wildwater and downriver racing by taking at look at ACA's Wildwater Racing Page. Contact them at 7432 Alban Station Blvd., Suite B-232, Springfield, VA 22150-2311, 703-451-0141, fax 703-451-2245, or acadirect@aol.com.

  • The American Whitewater Affiliation is another large paddling organization, focused on whitewater paddlers. Among the many issues they tackle are safety, conservation, river access, and competition, notably whitewater rodeo. In fact, you might want to visit the National Organization of Whitewater Rodeos.

  • All of us benefit from the activities of American Rivers and The River Network which are conservation organizations helping to preserve and protect our waterways.

  • One of the centers of slalom, wildwater, and rodeo activity is the Nantahala Outdoor Center, which is where the Nantahala Racing Club is based.

  • The National Paddling Film Festival has a web site, too (with nifty bits of archived material).

  • If you live in the Pacific Northwest region, and you want to do some racing, you really should take a look at the League of Northwest Whitewtaer Racers site, the Northwest Cup Whitewater Slalom Series 1997 as well as the Slalom Boating with the UKC pages, which are maintained by the University of Washington's Kayak Club. And don't forget to visit the Willamette Kayak & Canoe Club, too.

  • In the Rockies, you'll find the Snake River Whitewater Project.

  • There's whitewater in the heartland of the USA, too; ask the folks at the Missouri Whitewater Association, who also happen to run the Missouri Whitewater Championships. And in the same area, you can also find StreamTeach, who are busy working on a multi-purpose education/competition center in St. Louis County; and while you're in the neighborhood, you can check out the ACA Midwest Division. To south, the folks in the Arkansas Canoe Club can be found; and slightly further north and east, you'll find the East Race Waterway, which is the site of several slalom races each year. And while you're in that area, take a look at the Wausau Kayak / Canoe Corporation site; besides building boats, these are the folks who run races at the class III-IV Whitewater Park in downtown Wausau.

  • Down south, you can find the canoeTX pages, which have a lot of resources for paddlers in Texas.

  • If you live in the New England area, one of the places that you can learn about racing is Zoar Outdoor. In fact, Zoar was the host for the 1993 Slalom Nationals, held on the Deerfield River. Another place to start your paddling career is Champaign Canoeing Ltd., run by Ann and Keech LeClair and based in Ossining, New York. You should also visit the ACA Atlantic Division White Water Open Canoe Committee which runs the Salmon, Ten Mile River, Esopus, and Farmington Slalom Races. Another group of folks in that are are KCCNY - Kayak & Canoe Club of New York, who run the Esopus Slalom race each spring.

  • The World Rodeo Championships have their own web site, which has a bunch of information.

  • In Pennsylvania, the Penn State Outing Club Whitewater folks run several different kinds of races a year; the Lehigh Valley Canoe Club handles one of the Pennsylvania Cup races, as does the Canoe Club of Greater Harrisburg. You might also want to check out ab257's Whitewater Page which has a lot of information on local rivers including virtual tours of the Lehigh and Tohickon. You might also want to check out the Riversport School of Paddling, which has classes at all levels and hosts another of the Pennsylvania Cup races.

  • Some of the major whitewater boat manufacturers are Dagger, Perception, Prijon, Wildwasser, Galasport, Eskimo Kayaks, Eddyline Kayaks, and Klepper all of whom are also involved with various forms of whitewater competition.

  • There's some information on 1996 Olympic whitewater (and flatwater) competition at NBC Canoe/Kayak Coverage, Triad's Olympics -- Whitewater Index, USA Today coverage, and by other folks at TODA--How to watch a whitewater slalom race, Special Events, Olympics -- Whitewater Paddlers, Women's slalom canoeing, and GORP - Olympics Paddling.

  • There's now an Official site of the 1999 Slalom Canoe World Championships.

  • There are other sites out with great collections of paddling information and links to still more sites: these include
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