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Slalom mailing lists

A number of slalom-related mailing lists exist in order to facilitate communication between people in the sport. Included are lists for:

If you are on any of these mailing lists, you should have received an announcement telling you so. If you're not, and you want to be, you can subscribe yourself automatically by sending "subscribe name-of-mailing-list" in the BODY of a message to majordomo@rockandwater.net.

For example,

will ask majordomo to sign you up for the slalom mailing list. Majordomo will respond with an automated message asking if you really want to do this; that message contains its own simple, short instructions. Follow them, and majordomo will complete the process.

Note that majordomo is a program, not a person. If you include extra text in your message or mark it up with HTML, you will probably confuse it. (It's not a very smart program.) If you get confused, then send the single word "help" to majordomo@rockandwater.net and it will explain itself to you.

A much more detailed explanation of all this, and a list of rockandwater.net's policies for participation in its mailing lists, can be found here.

Why mailing lists and not newsgroups?

Why mailing lists and not IRC/chat rooms?

Why aren't "Subject" lines tagged?

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