Slalom boat designs

This is the (small) beginning of a page which will describe various slalom boat designs and try to place them in some kind of order, so that folks looking to buy boats have some idea which ones might suit their needs. I could realy use some help with this, as I'm only really personally familiar with a few K-1's and not much else. So if you have some of the history of these designs in your head, please share it with me.

Note that most boats come in several sizes; a larger boat usually ends up being called a "Big" or "Plus"; smaller ones are "Micro" or "Tiny".

Kayaks (K-1)

Nomad Extra: Was the workhorse of slalom for a long time. Sharper edges than the Image.
Image: Pyranha design from the mid-80's.
Treska: Prijon design from the 70's.
Sanna: Prijon design from the 70's.
Slalom '89: Prijon design from the late 80's; beavertail stern makes it easy to pivot.
Premier: Prijon design from the early 80's; fast in a straight line, but turns slowly when flat.
Maestro '86: Canadian design? For lightweight paddlers; speed increased by adding wings to the hull. Narrow waterline.
Maestro '88: The Maestro '86 with added volume in the front and sharper stern edges.
Reflex: First in a series of designs from Richard Fox.
Reflex II: Turns a bit slower than a Barcelona, but has seat further forward than the Extra or Image. Reflex Barcelona: The Richard Fox design for the Barcelona Olympics (1992). One of the best all-around designs ever made.
Reflex Quattro: More rocker than the Barcelona; rounder edges, smaller stern.
Hotlanta: Eric Jackson and David Knight design by Dagger Composites.
Reflex Five (aka Fusion): Latest refinement of the Reflex series. Now known as the "Five" because "Fusion" was trademarked by a plastic boat. The "Five.Five" has a bit more volume in it.
Predator: Cockpit-forward design with lots of bow volume; designed for large folks by Scott Shipley and Dagger Composites.
Predator II: 1997 refinement of the first Predator design.
Profile: Kara Ruppel design by Dagger Composites.
Mystery: Ian Wiley (IRE) design, cockpit further forward than Barcelona or Quattro.
Fraction: Small boat, for cadets and juniors, from Dagger Composites.
Kickback: Dagger Composites/Shipley, 1999.

Canoes (C-1)

Max II: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design, 1978.
Supermax: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design, 1979.
Ultramax: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design.
Cudamax: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design, designed in 1981; soft edges, large volume, more leg room compared to other designs.
Batmax: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design.
SuperBatmax: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design.
Extrabat: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design, circa 1987; bat wings and sharp edges.
Fanatic: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design, 1989.
Stealth: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design, more rocker, lower stern, and sharper edges; 1991.
Maverick: Gareth Marriot (GBR) design from Dagger Composites. Lots of volume in the bow, cockpit forward.
Maverick Plus: Corcoran/Bridge, 1993.
Fanatic II: Davey Hearn and Jon Lugbill design, 1996.
Zealot: Dagger Composites design with Adam Clawson and Jon Lugbill, 1996.
SuperGlide: Davey Hearn/Knight design, 1998.
???: Larry Norman (CAN) design.

Tandem Canoes (C-2)

Gemini: One of the first (the first?) designs to place the cockpits close together, rather than out at the ends.
Paramax: Penn State Outing Club (PSOC) design; John Sweet has the mold.
Torrent, Torrent XL: PSOC design by C-2 mixed national champions in the mid-80's; John Sweet has the mold.
Deadline: Based on Czech design; good for larger teams. Large volume bow with really small stern.
Patriot: The design paddled by Joe Jacobi and Scott Strausbaugh in Barcelona in 1992; smaller boat, good for lightweight teams.
Savage Grokshark: Lecky Haller and Jamie McEwan design, cockpits up front, low tail, hard edges.
Tomahawk: Fast and maneuverable design by Fritz and Lecky Haller.
Hammerhead: Dagger Composites/Taylor/Isenburg design, 1995.
Whupatar: Dagger Composites design with Horace Holden and Wayne Dickert, 1996.
Merlin: Letourneau/Gauthier design, 1997.
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