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1997 NSWC Slalom Rankings

These are rankings were approved by the NSWC during their 1/15/98 teleconference, subject to the proviso that typographical and other errors may still be fixed. I've tried to be as careful as possible, but I know that there are probably some lurking problems; my hope is that they are minor things (like marking someone as "senior" when they should be "master", which has no influence on rankings) and that I haven't goofed anything major.

I owe a huge thanks to Karin Baldzer and Max Wellhouse who have been of incredible help in doing this, and whose work on rankings goes back years. If I'm able to make any small improvements, it's because I had a solid base to start with, thanks to them. I also owe thank-you's to everyone who sent in race results, found typos in them, checked the math, and a zillion other things; THANKS!

To the best of my knowledge, the cutoff for automatic admission to Team Trials is the 75th percentile.


  • Explanation of how the calculations were done
  • Importance factor/field strength table
  • Age group assignments (Jr, Sr, Ms) -- do I have yours right?
  • Table of non-US paddlers -- under construction

    The Goodies

    NOTE: I'm still finding and fixing typos in these. Don't be surprised if they change a little bit.
  • 1997 NSWC Rankings K-1 men
  • 1997 NSWC Rankings K-1 women
  • 1997 NSWC Rankings C-1 men, women
  • 1997 NSWC Rankings C-2 men, women, mixed

    I've also compiled Detailed statistics on each race. This is a good place to check if you're trying to get an overview of how each race worked out. It includes things like fastest/slowest run broken out by boat class, average penalty/run, and so on.


  • The Missouri State Championships aren't included because I only have scores for one run.
  • The Dog Days SL isn't included because I only have partial results for one run.
  • The Pool Slalom isn't included because paddlers were only given one run.
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