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Rules/Regulations for whitewater slalom racing

US whitewater slalom racing Rules

  • 2002 USACK Slalom Racing Rules (in PDF) (in Postscript)

    ICF whitewater slalom racing Rules

  • ICF Slalom Rules 2001 (in PDF) (in Postscript)
  • (obsolete) ICF Slalom Rules 1997


  • Slalom Sports Division Operating Procedures
  • NWSC Board of Directors
  • NWSC Committees
  • (obsolete) NWSC Bylaws 1990

    NWSC Meeting Minutes/Agendas

  • Minutes of March '97 NWSC Board Meeting
  • Minutes of October '97 NWSC Teleconference
  • Minutes of Nov/Dec 2001 NWSC meeting (Atlanta)
  • Tentative (DRAFT) agenda for April 2002 NWSC Meeting
  • Tentative (DRAFT) Development Committee report for April 2002 NWSC Meeting
  • Tentative (DRAFT) Development Committee Junior Team Selection Criteria for April 2002 NWSC Meeting

    Useful Documents

  • USOC Coaching Ethics Code (in PDF) (HTML version created from PDF original)
  • Amateur Sports Act of 1978
  • ICF World Cup Manual - PDF ONLY, sorry
    Contact: webmaster.