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NSWC Bylaws, Version 4.7, 3/23/90

PLEASE NOTE: This version of the bylaws is VERY old and is now obsolete. It's just here for historical reference. The current document is Slalom Sports Division Operating Procedures.

BYLAWS of the National Slalom and Wildwater Committee (NSWC) of the AMERICAN CANOE ASSOCIATION, INC.


The National Slalom and Wildwater Committee (NSWC) is a National Activity of the American Canoe Association, Inc. During Olympiads when slalom and/or wildwater are on the Olympic program, the NSWC concurrently functions as a discipline committee of the United States Canoe and Kayak Team, Inc.


1. To promulgate and enforce the racing rules and regulations of the American Canoe Association governing decked boat whitewater racing, including amateurism rules.

2. To administer the program of selection of members of U.S. National Teams for international whitewater competitions.

3. To promote and sanction races within the United States and to publish a schedule of sanctioned events.

4. To otherwise take appropriate action to develop and promote the sport of slalom and wildwater racing in the United States and to cooperate with the United States Canoe and Kayak Team, Inc. (USCKT) in so doing.


1. The NSWC (which hereinafter is referred to as either the Committee or the NSWC) shall have a membership comprised of representatives of the various ACA Divisions, as provided in the ACA Constitution, 4 athlete representatives as provided in these Bylaws, and 4 officers, as provided in these Bylaws. The term of office of Committee members shall commence January 1 of the year following their election except in the case of persons elected or appointed by their Division(s) to fill declared vacancies, in which case the term of office shall commence immediately upon election or appointment and notice to the Committee thereof.

2. Divisional Representatives.

a. Each division of the ACA shall elect a divisional representative and alternate representative to the NSWC and provide the name of such representatives for the coming year to the incumbent NSWC Chairperson prior to October 15 of each year. If the division Representative cannot attend a meeting, the alternate representative shall be empowered to represent the division and vote on all matters.

b. A divisional representative shall have a vote if the division has either,

3. Athlete Representatives.

a. Election.

b. Eligibility.

An athlete representative shall have been actively competing either in international competition or nationally at the national championships or team trials in the appropriate discipline within the past four (4) years. Additionally, in order to be eligible for election and to retain the position during his/her term of office, an athlete representative must be a full member of the USCKT and a Governing member of the ACA.

c. Term of Office.

The term of office for each Athlete Representative shall be two years, with a staggered term of office within each discipline.

d. Alternate Athlete Representative.

Each athlete representative may designate another person (who meets the criteria of Section II.3.b., above) to serve as his/her alternate athlete representative during his/her term of office. In the event that the elected athlete representative is unable to attend a meeting of the Committee, the designated alternate athlete representative is authorized, upon notice to the Chairperson by the elected athlete representative, to vote on al matters. Alternate athlete representatives are not authorized to vote as a part of the NSWC Executive Committee.

4. Officers.

a. The officers of the NSWC shall be the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer. Their term of office is two years, beginning January 1 of the year following election.

b. The officers shall be elected by the newly elected Divisional Representatives and Athlete Representatives at the NSWC's annual business meeting. The Chairperson and Treasurer are elected in even numbered years. The Vice Chairperson and Secretary are elected in odd numbered years. Election shall b e by simple majority of those present and eligible to vote.

c. Any person who is a Governing member of the ACA and a full member of the USCKT, including a member of the NSWC, is eligible to serve as an officer, provided, that no person may have more than one position of the Committee.

d. A divisional or athlete representative elected to an officer position must resign as a divisional or athlete representative. Divisions shall name replacements for divisional representatives and special elections shall be held to replace athlete representatives.

e. No officer shall be eligible to serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office, except by a 2/3 vote of the NSWC. An officer who has served more than half a term is considered to have served a full term in office.

5. Executive Committee.

The NSWC shall have an Executive Committee comprised of the Chairperson, one Slalom Athlete Representative and one Wildwater Athlete Representative (each such Athlete Representative being in the second year of his or her term of office), and two other members as elected by the Committee at its annual business meeting from the members of the Committee.


1. Election.

The NSWC shall nominate and elect two (2) USCKT representatives during odd numbered years and one (1) USCKT representative during even numbered years at its annual fall meeting.

2. Eligibility.

A USCKT representative shall be a full member of the USCKT and a governing member of the ACA.

3. Term of Office.

The term of office for each USCKT representative shall be two years beginning January 1 of the year following his or her election.


1. Duties of Divisional Representatives.

The primary duty of a Divisional Representative is to represent the views of the NSWC members within his or her division and to communicate to those members the issues and actions of the NSWC. In addition to those duties assigned to them by their divisions, Divisional Representatives may be assigned additional responsibilities by the NSWC in connection with its programs.

2. Duties of Athlete Representatives.

a. The Athlete Representatives represent the active decked boat whitewater competitors. The primary duty of the Athlete Representatives is to represent the views of the athletes in the discussions and decisions of the NSWC and to communicate to those athletes the issues and actions by the NSWC. They may be assigned responsibilities by the Committee in connection with its programs.

b. The Slalom Athlete Representative elected in even numbered years shall serve as the NSWC Athlete Representative to the USCKT Board of Directors concurrently with his or her elected term on the NSWC. This Athlete Representative has a duty to resign his/her position as such on the USCKT Board after serving two years on that Board of Directors.

3. Duties of the Chairperson. It is the duty of the Chairperson to:

a. Represent and speak for the Committee in matters involving the public or other organizations;

b. Coordinate all activities of the Committee and see that all rules and regulations are properly enforced;

c. Preside at meetings of the Committee and meetings of the Executive Committee;

d. Provide the appropriate persons with announcements of meetings, agenda for meetings, and minutes of meetings held by the NSWC or the Executive Committee.

e. Except as expressly provided otherwise in these Bylaws, appoint such committees as are necessary to assist in these duties;

f. Serve on the ACA Council as the NSWC representative;

g. Serve on the USCKT Board of Directors; and

h. Perform such other duties as determined by the Committee.

4. Duties of the Vice Chairperson.

a. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson shall preside over meetings of the NSWC and the Executive Committee.

b. Should the Chairperson become incapacitated, or in the event of an extraordinary event where the Chairperson cannot perform the duties of the office, the Vice Chairperson is empowered to act in the Chairperson's stead.

5. Duties of the Secretary.

The Secretary shall

a. Keep a record of all proceedings of the NSWC and shall solicit minutes of meetings of the NSWC Executive Committee and the NSWC subcommittees;

b. Publish the minutes of NSWC meetings promptly, within two weeks of meeting;

c. Further be responsible for conducting such correspondence for the NSWC as requested by the Chairperson; and

d. Perform other duties as may be designated by the Chairperson and/or the NSWC.

6. Duties of the Treasurer.

a. The Treasurer shall oversee the collection and control of all monies of the NSWC and the payment of all bills of the Committee which are the result of directives of the Chairperson, the NSWC, the Executive Committee, or authorized subcommittee personnel, and should assist in the preparation of the annual budget.

b. The Treasurer shall oversee the recording of all monies received or paid and provide the Committee with an annual report at a time designated by the Committee and provide such interim reports as requested by the Chairperson and/or the Committee.

c. The Treasurer may delegate (but still has ultimate responsibility for) certain tasks to the USCKT office or other bodies or individuals.

7. Duties of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall conduct the business of the NSWC between its meetings within the limits of previously established NSWC policies and procedures. Reports on the activities of the Executive Committee shall be sent to the NSWC.

8. Duties of the USCKT Representatives.

The primary duty of a USCKT representative is to represent the views of the NSWC at all USCKT Board of Directors meetings and to communicate to the NSWC the issues and actions of the USCKT Board of Directors. The USCKT representatives are responsible for carrying out all duties and responsibilities as outlined in the USCKT bylaws.


1. In order to efficiently manage the business of the NSWC, there shall be subcommittees of the NSWC which shall

a. Be responsible for particular subjects;

b. Take action on those subjects within the limits of the previously established NSWC policies and procedures;

c. Report to, and make recommendations for action by the NSWC.

2. The term of office of elected subcommittee chairpersons shall be two calendar years. The NSWC Chairperson shall be an ex officio member, with no vote, of all subcommittees. The Chairperson of the Team Support Development, and Events Subcommittees shall be elected by the NSWC. Except as stated in these Bylaws, subcommittee members need not be members of the NSWC.

3. Standing Subcommittees.

The Chairperson shall appoint standing subcommittees composed of at least two persons for Rules, Race Sanctioning, Fundraising, Meritorious Service Award, Bylaws, Officials, and Rankings. Appointed members shall serve one calendar year terms.

4. Ad Hoc Subcommittees.

The Chairperson shall appoint such ad hoc subcommittees as are needed to carry out particular tasks delegated by the NSWC. No ad hoc subcommittee shall have less than two members. Appointed members shall serve for the duration of the committee.

5. Slalom Team Support Subcommittee.

a. The Slalom Team Support Subcommittee shall consist of a Chairperson elected by the NSWC, the slalom athlete representative not serving on the USCKT Board, a U.S. National Slalom team member and a minimum of two additional members selected by the subcommittee's chairperson and ratified by the NSWC.

b. The purpose of the Slalom Team Support Subcommittee is to develop and monitor the implementation of policies and budgets for the slalom teams.

6. Development Subcommittee.

a. The Development Subcommittee shall consist of a Chairperson elected by the NSWC, a wildwater athlete representative and a minimum of two additional subcommittee members selected by the Development Subcommittee Chairperson and ratified by the NSWC.

b. The purpose of the Development Subcommittee is to develop and monitor the implementation of programs, policies and budgets designed to help build the sport, and provide support and guidance to developing athletes. It is also the responsibility of the Development Subcommittee to review applications for Center of Excellence status and make recommendations to the NSWC. IT is the NSWC's responsibility to designate all Centers of Excellence.

7. Events Subcommittee.

The Events Subcommittee shall consist of the Chairperson, and such other persons who are recommended by the subcommittee chairperson and confirmed by the NSWC. The purpose of the Events Subcommittee is to attend to managing the events program of the NSWC, including developing standards, preparing a yearly schedule, and organizing system for races and other events, including developing and overseeing the budget for NSWC/USCKT support of events.

8. Wildwater Subcommittee.

a. The Wildwater Subcommittee shall consist of a chairperson elected by the NSWC, a wildwater athlete representative, and a minimum of two persons selected by the subcommittee chairperson and ratified by the NSWC.

b. The purpose of the wildwater subcommittee is to develop programs, policies and budgets for the wildwater teams and to develop wildwater racing.


1. Regular Business Meetings.

The NSWC shall hold at least two regular business meetings each year, one of which shall be the annual business meeting, held in mid to late Fall, preferably in conjunction with the annual meeting of the ACA Congress. Regular business meetings shall be scheduled with the members of the Committee in advance so as to assure the greatest possible attendance.

2. Special Meetings.

Special meetings of the Committee may be called by the Chairperson or by the written petition of at least 1/3 of the members of the Committee whenever it is deemed necessary.

3. Quorum.

A quorum for conducting Committee business shall be 1/3 of the voting membership.

4. Deputies and Proxies.

The designation of deputies or proxies shall not be accepted. In the absence of either the elected representative or the alternate representative of a Division, a written and signed vote on any agenda item may be submitted to the Secretary by such divisional representative or vice representative prior to the meeting.

5. Open Meetings/Executive Session.

Meetings of the NSWC shall be open unless 2/3 of the members at the meeting vote to close the meeting and meet in executive session. Meeting may only be closed to discuss matters of litigation, personnel, or disciplinary actions.

6. Agenda.

Business transacted at all meetings shall be limited to the subjects stated in the notice of the meeting or written agenda and matters germane thereto unless 2/3rds of the entire Committee, in person or in writing, either before, at, or after the meeting, waives this requirement for any particular item of business for the meeting in questions.

7. Notice of Meetings.

Written notice of all meetings shall be sent to every member of the Committee, and a written agenda must be postmarked to each member and officer not later than 21 days prior to the meeting. These requirements may be waived with the consent of 2/3rds of the entire Committee. Such consent may be made in writing or by vote in person before, at, or after a business meeting.

8. Conference Calls.

The NSWC and/or any of its subcommittees may permit any or all members to participate in a regular or special meeting by, or conduct a meeting through the use of any means of communication by which all members participating may simultaneously hear each other during the meeting. A member participating in a meeting by this means is deemed to be present in person at that meeting.

9. Conflict of Interest and Voting.

No member may vote on a question in which he or she has a direct or personal or monetary interest not common to other members of the NSWC.

10. Robert's Rule of Order

(latest revised edition) shall apply in any circumstances or covered elsewhere in these Bylaws.

11. Manner of Voting.

Votes of the committee shall be either voice or roll call ballots, except in the case of election of individuals, in which a secret ballot will be allowed upon motion.


1. If any member of the NSWC fails to maintain the conditions of membership on the NSWC at any time during the member's term of office, the Chairperson shall send to said person by certified mail, return receipt requested, written notice that unless said person fulfills the membership requirement within 30 days of receipt of the notice, said persons will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee and the position will be declared vacant.

2. Any officer may be impeached by a 2/3 vote of the entire Committee.


These Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the entire Committee at a regular or special meeting. Written notice of the proposed amendment shall be given at least 21 days in advance, and shall state the wording of the proposed amendment. Advance notice of the proposed amendment cannot be waived by the Committee. In considering and voting on a proposed amendment, the NSWC may modify its wording. An amendment or the Bylaws goes into effect immediately upon adoption unless the motion to adopt specifies another time for its becoming effective, or the Committee has set such a time by a previously adopted motion.

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