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OPERATING PROCEDURES of the Slalom Sports Division of the United States Canoe and Kayak Team, Inc.


The Slalom Sports Division is a Sports Division of the United States Canoe and Kayak Team ("USCKT"). The administrative group responsible for the operating of the Slalom Sports Division shall be the National Whitewater Slalom Committee ("Committee").


1.To promote, develop and implement programs for the Olympic sport of whitewater slalom racing in the United States in concurrence with the USCKT.

2.To carry out the purposes of the USCKT regarding decked boat whitewater slalom racing, including:

3.To fulfill all other purposes outlined by the USCKT for Sports Divisions.


The administration of the Slalom Sports Division shall be done by the Committee consistent with the Bylaws of the USCKT and the respective duties and definitions of the USCKT offices and committees. Additional policies shall be established by the Committee from time-to-time for necessary functioning. All such policies must have the approval of the USCKT Board of Directors.


Criteria for membership in the Slalom Sports Division, membership fees and other charges for special groups may be adopted from time-to-time by the Slalom Sports Division Committee, consistent with the bylaws and policies of the USCKT.


1.The Committee shall be comprised of twelve (12) elected representatives and four officers.

2.Geographic Regions The six geographic regions shall be defined as follows:

3. Regional Representatives.

4.At Large Representatives

5.Athlete Representatives.



8.Executive Committee. The Slalom Sports Division shall have an Executive Committee comprised of the Chairperson, two Athlete Representatives, one other member as elected by the Committee at its annual business meeting from the members of the Committee, and one other officer of the Committee, to be elected by the Committee.


1.The Slalom Sports Division Committee shall nominate and elect Directors to the USCKT Board of Directors in accordance with the provisions of the USCKT's Bylaws. To be eligible to serve as a director to the USCKT Board, the candidate must be a member of the Slalom Sports Division.


1.Duties of Regional Representatives. The primary duty of a Regional Representative is to represent the views of the Slalom Sports Division members within his or her region and to communicate to those members the issues and actions of the Slalom Sports Division. In addition to those duties assigned to them by their regions, Regional Representatives may be assigned additional responsibilities by the Slalom Sports Division in connection with its programs.

2.Duties of Athlete Representatives.

3.Duties of the Chairperson. It is the duty of the Chairperson to:

4.Duties of the Vice Chairperson.

5.Duties of the Secretary. The Secretary shall:

6.Duties of the Treasurer. In conjunction with the USCKT treasurer:

7.Duties of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall conduct the business of the Slalom Sports Division between its meetings within the limits of Slalom Sports Division policies and procedures. Reports on the activities of the Executive Committee shall be sent to the Committee.

8.Duties of the Athlete Directors to USCKT Board of Directors. The primary duty of an Athlete Directors from the Slalom Sports Division on the USCKT Board of Directors shall be to represent the views of the Slalom Sports Division at all USCKT Board of Directors meetings and to communicate to the Slalom Sports Division the issues and actions of the USCKT Board of Directors. Athlete Directors from the Slalom Sports Division are responsible for carrying out all duties and responsibilities as outlined in the USCKT Bylaws.


1.In order to efficiently manage the business of the Slalom Sports Division, there shall be subcommittees of the Slalom Sports Division which shall

2.The term of office of elected subcommittee chairpersons shall be two calendar years. The Slalom Sports Division Committee Chairperson shall be an ex-officio member, with no vote, of all subcommittees. The Chairperson of the Team Support, Development, and Events Subcommittees shall be elected by the Committee. Except as stated in these Bylaws, subcommittee members need not be members of the Committee.

3.Standing Subcommittees. The Committee Chairperson shall appoint, with confirmation of the executive committee, standing subcommittees composed of at least two persons for Rules, Race Sanctioning, Fundraising, Meritorious Service Award, Operating Procedures, Officials, Elections and Nominations, Discipline, and Rankings. Appointed members shall serve one year terms.

4.Ad Hoc Subcommittees. The Committee Chairperson shall appoint such ad hoc subcommittees as are needed to carry out particular tasks delegated by the Committee. No ad hoc subcommittee shall have less than two members. Appointed members shall serve for the duration of the committee unless removed by the Committee Chairperson.

5.Slalom Team Support Subcommittee.

6.Development Subcommittee.

7.Events Subcommittee.

8.Team Selection Committee. The Slalom Sports Division shall have a Team Selection Committee, whose role and composition shall be consistent with the USCKT Bylaws.


1.Regular Business Meetings. Committee shall hold at least two regular business meetings each year, one of which shall be the annual business meeting to be held in the Fall after completion of annual elections for Committee representatives. Regular business meetings shall be face-to-face meetings and shall be scheduled with the members of the Committee with at least 30 days notice so as to assure the greatest possible attendance.

2.Special Meetings. Special meetings of the Committee may be called by the Chairperson or by the written petition of at least 1/3 of the members of the Committee whenever it is deemed necessary.

3.Quorum. A quorum for conducting Committee business shall be 1/2 of the voting membership of the Committee.

4.Deputies and Proxies. The designation of deputies or proxies shall not be accepted. In the absence of either the elected representative or the alternate representative of a Region, a written and signed vote on any agenda item, excluding the elections of officers, may be submitted to the secretary by such divisional representative or alternate representative prior to the meeting.

5.Open Meetings/Executive Session. Meetings of the Committee shall be open unless 2/3 of the members at the meeting vote to close the meeting and meet in executive session. The reason for the executive session must be stated in the motion for executive session.

6.Agenda. Business transacted at all meetings shall be limited to the subjects stated in the notice of the meeting or written agenda and matters germane thereto unless 2/3rds of the voting members of the Committee present waives this requirement for any particular item of business for the meeting in question.

7.Notice of Meetings. Written notice of all meetings shall be sent to every member of the Committee, and a written agenda must be postmarked to each member and officer not later than 21 days prior to the meeting. These requirements may be waived with the consent of 2/3rds of the entire Committee. Such consent may be made in writing or by vote in person before, at, or after a business meeting.

8.Conference Calls. The Committee and/or any of its subcommittees may permit any or all members to participate in a regular or special meeting by, or conduct a meeting through the use of any means of communication by which all members participating may simultaneously hear each other during the meeting. A member participating in a meeting by this means is deemed to be present in person at that meeting.

9.Conflict of Interest and Voting.

10.Robert's Rule of Order (latest revised edition) shall apply in any circumstances not covered elsewhere in these Bylaws.

11.Manner of Voting.


1.Any member of the Slalom Sports Division may be removed in accordance with the terms of the USCKT's Bylaws.

2.Any officer of the Committee may be impeached by a 2/3 vote of the entire Committee.

3.Any elected subcommittee chairperson may be impeached by a 2/3 vote of the entire Committee.

4.Any appointed subcommittee chairperson or subcommittee member may be removed by the Chairman of the Committee.

5.Vacancies among Officers and elected Committee Chairs shall be filled by vote of the Committee.

6.If any elected representative to the Committee fails to complete his term of office, the alternate representative shall appointed to complete the term of office. In the event that no alternate representative is available, the Committee chairman shall have discretion to conduct an interim election to complete the term of office, or to leave the position vacant until the next regularly scheduled election.


1.These Operating Procedures may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the entire Committee at a regular or special meeting and approval by the USCKT Board. Written notice of the proposed amendment shall be given to the Committee and the USCKT Board at least 21 days in advance, and shall state the wording of the proposed amendment. Advance notice of the proposed amendment cannot be waived by the Committee. In considering and voting on a proposed amendment, the Committee may modify its wording. An amendment or the Operating Procedures goes into effect immediately upon adoption unless the motion to adopt specifies another time for its becoming effective, or the Committee has set such a time by a previously adopted motion.


1.These Operating Procedures shall be effective upon approval of the USCKT, provided that the Committee may continue to operate pursuant to the prior Bylaws until the election of the new Committee and the transition to operating under these Operating Procedures is complete. This transition shall be complete no later than 12 months from the approval of these Operating Procedures.

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