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Search slalom/wildwater/rodeo/etc. schedule database

This interface will allow you to search:

There are several abbreviations used which will make queries faster to type. In particular,

Event typesMonthsStates
SL (slalom)JanNY
WW (wildwater
and downriver)
RD (rodeo
and freestyle)
TR (training camps
and clinics)
FE (festival)MayMA
AD (adventure racing
and triathlons)
SP (sprint - short
MA (marathon - long
OT (other)etc.etc.

Some sample queries which will illustrate how to use this (type these in the box below and hit the Submit button):

As shown above, Boolean queries are supported. This interface is a bit clunkier than the one used for scores, but that's because it's going to be replaced anyway. Note that a lot of the search results will include hyperlinks to the results (if I've got them).

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